Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Monolithic or Floating Slab Foundation

One of our popular foundations is the monolithic slab also referred to as a floating slab foundation. This type of foundation is ideal for level lots or lots with a soil bearing problems. The basic idea is to pour your footings or footers (which are created where load bearing walls will be located) and the slab floor at the same time thus creating a monolithic slab.

Care needs to be taken to make sure your plumbing and electrical lines are located in the correct areas before you pour the concrete slab. Otherwise you may have to break out the jack-hammer to correct the problem.

See Standard Homes Construction Detail below:

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Perimeter Slab Foundation by Standard Homes Plan Service, Inc.

What is a perimeter slab foundation?
A perimeter slab foundation often referred as a stem wall slab is an excellent slab on grade foundation when you have unevenness or a less than level lot. There are three components of a perimeter slab foundation:
1) A standard footing 16 inches wide by 8 inches high for example.
2) A wall usually out of a concrete masonry unit,(CMU), anywhere from one to three block courses.
3) The stem wall forms a containment perimeter where it is back filled with sand or gravel then the slab is poured within the foundation wall.

See Typical Wall Section Below: